The Valley of Deception

Aashraf Hossain Sachin
3 min readSep 15, 2020


Name it as you like! As I introduce myself as someone relevant to the key word ‘business’ I ought to say something about the burning topic, Evaly. It will be short and precise, I promise.

Some years ago, I was heading back from Barishal to Dhaka, I saw a huge billboard standing exactly opposite to the launch terminal and it was written only 5 letters on it, E V A L Y. That was the first time I encountered with the name. It was quite surprising for me to see that an unknown e-com venture had the audacity to spend that big amount of money to attract people from district where a few potential customers lives. After a month, it was no longer a surprise when I found them at almost every corner of the country. I realized their intention is to grow as big as the ocean.

However, there are a lot of things going on with the name right now. I will trim the fat and jump exactly on the point here.

What are the charges against Evaly?
1) That they offer 50% to 100% cashback, which outperformed the other players in market.
2) There is a long list of customers who complains that Evaly did not deliver their product even after 6–7 months from the ordering date.

Despite the customers being aware of the fact that Evaly will deliver very late, they placed their orders anyway as the cash discounts were too intimidating to be turned down.

So, what’s my point?
Recently, the entire social media and news media are using words such as “Cheater, Cunning, Sly or Deceptive” to describe Evaly and the owners. The brand and those who are involved with the brand are being verbally slaughtered. Many are accusing that Evaly has bribed the supporters, many of the comments are breaking the limits of acrimony.
The government officials have confirmed that Evaly may have violated the ‘Code of Competition” by offering prices which are lower than the standard retail price, which helped them to wipe out other competitors. Additionally, they may have intentionally delayed the delivery for larger products to reinvest the money or may be the statement from Yamaha was true that “Evaly is selling more than our own sales channels and this is tough for us to double-up our supply chain so fast”. My question is, does any of the allegation proves that Evaly had intention to run away with the customer’s money? Or never deliver them the product at all? Does this strategy have anything to do with cheating or being deceptive? Why the director’s bank accounts are being freeze?

As a part of the e-business family, I truly regret that an established had to experience this extreme level of extrajudicial bitterness. I hope justice may served to the brand and to the customers as well.

(Note: I do not represent Evaly. The opinions are from my personal intuition. Constructive criticism is welcomed)