Mental Health..! How Much Do We Really Care?

About one week ago, I posted a story in Facebook written like the sentence below:

“Survey Question 1: Do I sound like emotionally vulnerable these days?”

The story got around 400 views. Replies of 12 people from my friend-list asserted that “I was looking for ATTENTION”. Those particular replies gave me so much discomfort that I started to count them. Many reacted ‘haha’ on the story too. As Facebook stories does not display the numbers of the reactions and replies like Facebook posts, I lost the count of them. The number of haha wasn’t negligible too.

Although, there were positive and supportive replies but what caught my attention is, the people who mocked away my question, was one of those who stormed the internet after some hyped suicide cases saying “I am here for you, I will listen to you and all”. I am truly bothered to see the number of people around us who pretends to care but actually wait for the right moment to slaughter us. I am too dolt to think about a solution for this.

We may really are in the endgame now!




Need food for thought? Come by my village!

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Aashraf Hossain Sachin

Aashraf Hossain Sachin

Need food for thought? Come by my village!

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